Suppliers for Ecological Materials

Deep Mello - Vegetable Tanned Leather

"(...)We want sustainable fashion, durable interiors, functional accessories and eco-conscious cars with rhubarb leather seats. The starting point for the development of our sustainable rhabarberleder (rhubarb leather) was the search for an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional and environmentally harmful chrome tanning.(...)" 100% Made in Germany

Curtumes Aveneda - Bioleather

"We are in era in which reuse or the recycling of products is factor of great importance to our society. Being aware of this reality, we began several years ago the development of the biodegradable leather, which we named FAMU and intends to be a balance between Fabrication, Ambient, Manufacture and Use. The biodegradable leather may be considered a future alternative, which should be taken seriously in this world of ours where nothing is created, and everything is transformed."


"Piñatex® is one of those rare products of design thinking that hits all the sustainability buttons at once: it is a material that is completely cradle to cradle, it substitutes leather that has a very heavy environmental and welfare impact, and it brings new income streams to subsistence farmers, allowing them to fully utilise their crops. The implementation of Piñatex® will have far-reaching societal and environmental benefits.?


Our collections meet the most demanding environmental, safety and quality standards. So, our fabric collections meet the most demanding environmental and safety standards, being subject to a strict quality control throughout the entire production process. In order to ensure that our products are safe for both people and the planet, we also use recycled and environmentally-friendly fibres in our fabric collections.


TENCEL® - lyocel fibre of botanical origin, extracted from wood, with an eco-friendly production cycle;


Unique Recycled Leather is obtained from industrial glove off-cuts, material that would ordinarily go to waste. 60% of our source material is animal leather, with the other 40% comprised of a mixture of vegetable & synthetic products. As innovatively sourced, waste-reducing material, it offers limitless potential with applications in fashion accessories, home decor and stationary. It is 100% safe to use. All our products are subject to rigorous SGS certification and contain no harmful substances.

Comerplast - Recycled fabrics

"(...) Recycled PET is made from plastic bottles which are collected form the containers distributed throughout the national territory. Once this plastic is collected, it´s selected and crushed, giving place to the thread for obtaining the final recycled product.(...) "

LEMAR - Woven fabrics from Portugal

Lemar LDA Woven fabrics from Portugal Founded in 1939, by Leandro Magalhães d?Araújo, Lemar remains as a reference company in the municipality of Guimarães, in textiles.Bet on innovation and continuous improvement of production processes, Lemar continues its path in a trajectory sustained by creativity, uniqueness and differentiation of their tissues and meshes.

Artex Nastrificio - recycled cotton webbings

Weaving, dyeing and printed rigid webbings in natural and synthetic yarns, to cloathing, footwear, bags and suitcases industries.

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