This is our standard Production Workflow

1 - Cutting - Most of our cutting is manual, however we cut some pieces with a cutting press;

1a- Preparation - Whenever needed we prepare the materials for the following works, this involves trimming, skiving, among other tasks;

2 - Assembling - After cutting and preparing the materials they are assembled, as all the materials take tape or glue before stitching this is the pivotal task of a production;

3 - Stitching - This is quite self-explanatory, the products will be going from assembling to stitching as they progress;

4 - Finishing - Here we can involve the painting, sealing, burning stitching lines and all the connected tasks;

5 - Quality Control and Packaging - We control the quality during the entire process, before we pack the products we make a final check and decision about what products aren't fit to travel to you; After the products are selected they are packaged, generally wrapped in plastic bags, in labeled boxes;

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